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Filling parts

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Filling parts

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The warm runner mold is a kind of mold that uses heating equipment to prevent melt condensation in the runner. Because of its short forming cycle and saving more raw materials than traditional moulds, petg blank injection mould has been widely used in international developed countries and regions. The production of warm runner moulds is very active in international developed countries and regions. The share of warm runner moulds is increasing. Many small mold factories with less than 10 people are engaged in the production of warm runner moulds. 

Generally speaking, in North America, the warm runner technology of filling parts has been used in Europe for a long time and has a high level of experience. In Asia, apart from Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong all take the lead. In North America and Europe, although the mold manufacturing level is higher, the price is higher and the delivery time is longer. By contrast, Asian warm runner mold manufacturers are more competitive in terms of price and delivery time. 

The warm runner mold in mainland China is still in its infancy, but it is developing rapidly and its share is increasing. 

The warm runner system is generally composed of a thermal nozzle, a shunt plate, a temperature control box and accessories. 

There are generally two types of thermal nozzles: open thermal nozzles and needle valve thermal nozzles. 

Warm runner system is usually divided into open warm runner system and needle valve warm runner system, because the form of hot nozzle directly determines the selection of warm runner system and mold manufacturing. 

The shunt plate is used for multi-cavity or multi-point feeding, single-point feeding, but the material level is offset. 

Materials usually use P20 or H13. Shunt plates are generally divided into two categories: standard and non-standard. 

Its structure is mainly determined by the distribution of the mold cavity, the arrangement of the nozzle and the position of the gate. 

The temperature control box includes a mainframe, a cable, a connector and a wiring socket. 

Warm runner fittings usually include heaters and thermocouples, runner seals, connectors, and junction boxes. 

Generally speaking, the warm runner system is divided into single-head warm runner system, multi-head warm runner system and gate warm runner system. The single-head warm runner system is mainly composed of a single nozzle, a nozzle head, a nozzle joint plate and a temperature control system. The structure of the plastic mold with single warm runner system is simple. 

The molten plastic is injected into the nozzle joint plate through the injection molding machine. 

When the nozzle reaches the nozzle head, inject it into the cavity. 

It is necessary to control the dimensions d, d, l, adjust the thickness of the nozzle connecting plate, make the fixed plate press the end face of the nozzle connecting plate, control the axial displacement of the nozzle, or directly use the nozzle of the injection molding machine to support the end face of the nozzle connecting plate.A lead slot is arranged in the appropriate position of the mold fixing plate, so that the power cord can be extracted from the mold and connected with the connecting seat installed on the mold.

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