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What is the function of the cooling plate?

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What is the function of the cooling plate?

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In order to meet the mold temperature requirements of the injection molding process, the temperature control system is required to schedule the mold temperature. 

It is a trough-shaped air outlet, which is opened in the mold to discharge the original and molten gas. 

When the melt is injected into the mold cavity, the air in the cooling plate mold cavity and the gas introduced by the melt need to be discharged from the mold cavity through the exhaust port at the end of the flow. 

Otherwise, the product will have pores, poor connection, unqualified filling, and even the accumulated air will burn out the product due to the high temperature of contraction. 

Generally speaking, the exhaust hole can be located at the end of the melt movement in the mold cavity, or on the parting surface of the plastic mold. 

The latter is a shallow groove with a depth of 0.03 mm, 0.2 mm, and a width of 1.5 mi 6 mm, located on the surrounding surface of the mold. 

During the injection process, there will not be too much liquid leakage from the exhaust hole, because the melt will cool and condense there, and the channel will be blocked. 

The exit should not be opened in the direction of the operator to prevent accidental spray of molten material from injuring people. 

In addition, the cooperative vacancy between the ejector rod and the ejector hole, and the cooperative vacancy between the ejector block and the release template and the core can also be used for exhaust.


Refers to the various parts that make up the mold structure, including: guide parts, demoulding parts, core-pulling parts and parting parts. 

Such as front and rear splint, front and rear buckle formwork, support plate, support column, guide column, release formwork, release rod, return rod and so on. 

With the use of the cooling plate, the water from the water plate at the bottom of the cooling tower is transported to the condenser through a circulating chilled water pump, cooled and refluxed, and then sprayed from the top of the cooling tower, and then the natural wind is used to dissipate heat. 

1. under the indirect frozen cooling plate, water chillers have many uses, ranging from factories to individual lives, and researchers need water chillers to cool and lower the temperature. in personal life, machines like water chillers are also required to lower the temperature. since liquid medium should be added to the cooling plate, and secondly, the use of the working power supply should be confirmed according to the type of the machine, and the power supply power should be greater than or equal to the total power of the instrument. 

The power supply must be well grounded, the second water cooler should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and the process of the post-cooling plate indirect frozen water chiller is similar, only the cooling water does not come into direct contact with the air, but moves through the cooling pipeline. cooling water and cooling air take away heat through the diversion tube to ensure the quality of the water. 

Comparison of the two: the demand of cooling plate equipment, such as molecular pump, small vacuum coating machine and so on. 

2. The water cooler is used in supporting medical laser equipment. 

The unique water quality treatment characteristics of this kind of water cooler make it an ideal cooling plate for medical laser equipment. 4. advantages of water chillers: there are many advantages of water chillers, such as simple structure, saving water and electricity, simple processing and so on. that's why it's widely used. 

Water cooler, as its name implies, is a kind of refrigeration machine. 

Cooling plate backflow, and pull off the hose to see if there are bubbles, if so, please continue to irrigate until there are no bubbles and then close the small valve; 

3. At this time, turn on the water cooler for 1-3 minutes. If the pipe has a large amount of water back into the pool, there is no cooling plate that can increase the hardness of the concrete. 

Sixth, in the food industry, water chillers play an important role in food. it can accelerate the speed of food freezing and is conducive to food production and processing.

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