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What are the problems in PET bottle embryo production and how to improve them?

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What are the problems in PET bottle embryo production and how to improve them?

Release date:2019-08-17 Author: Click:

PET bottle embryo is a kind of plastic product processed by injection molding, which is impervious and insulating. It is generally used for the storage and transportation of some important liquid objects. 

Introduction to the use of PET bottle embryo and improvement methods, let's make a specific introduction below. 

The following is about the introduction of "the related content analysis of PET bottle embryo and the improvement method of defects". 

[problems existing in PET bottle embryo and improvement methods]. 

PET bottle embryo is the main raw material for many of our blow molded bottles. 

In fact, the quality of PET bottle embryo will affect the production of blow molding products to a great extent. 

So what are the problems in the production of PET bottle embryo and how to improve it? 

The following is a brief description of the professional manufacturer of PET bottle embryo as follows:


First of all, at that time, some bottle embryo manufacturers were on the one hand to improve product price advantages, on the other hand, also to improve their own profits. Therefore, mixing secondary materials in the process of bottle embryo production has become the hidden rule of many merchants. Although the price of secondary materials is cheap, there are all kinds of problems. These secondary materials are often difficult to meet the hygiene standards, and the flow into food, beverages and other shopping malls will seriously affect the safety of food packaging. The secondary bottle embryo also has an effect on the stability of blow molded products. Therefore, strengthen supervision. 

The prevention of secondary bottle embryo shopping malls is a key point that needs to be dealt with. Secondly, the bottle embryo is related to the various shapes of blow-molded bottles, standardized formulation is easier, and the formulation of norms is conducive to the development of shopping malls. Accelerating the formulation of more specific specifications and the implementation of bottle labels are issues that we need to work hard for some time to come. With regard to bottle germs, in fact, it is related to the whole packaging of plastic bottles, so we should pay more attention to it.


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