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Do you know all three coloring methods of bottle blowing mold injection molding?

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Do you know all three coloring methods of bottle blowing mold injection molding?

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Nowadays, injection molding parts produced by injection molding have been widely used. 

Injection molded parts are colorful and colorful on the market, so how does the processing of injection molded parts stop coloring? 

Above, we will introduce the three common coloring methods of injection molding, hoping to be helpful to you. 

The main results are as follows: 1. The coloring method of chemical pigment is an accurate coloring technology for injection molding parts, which can be consumed, repeatable and appropriate color, suitable for small batch consumption. 

A large amount of commercial plastic is painted on the injection molding machine, while a large amount of engineering plastic is already colored when it is sold.


2. Injection molding parts are processed by color masterbatch coloring method, which can be divided into granules and liquid materials, and bottle blowing moulds can be assigned into a variety of colors. 

Among them, granules are widely used, and the use of color masterbatch can be guaranteed by mixing plastic with color masterbatch and sending the mixture or color masterbatch into the injection molding machine in practice. 

The utility model has the advantages of cheaper color, lower dust performance, lower cost of raw materials and convenient storage. 

3. PET bottle preform mould processing dry color powder coloring method is cheap, its disadvantage is vacuuming and dirty when using. 

To make the color of the consumption process uniform, a specific size bag or carton can be used to hold the correct amount of dry toner. 

When using dry color powder to color, the surface of plastic particles must be covered with a uniform coloring agent, so that the color can be evenly distributed in the melt glue, and the mixing method and time must be standard in order to ensure uniform coloring. 

After the coloring process is confirmed, we must persevere. In addition, it is also necessary to prevent toner from absorbing moisture during storage, otherwise it is easy to burst and cause injection molded parts to show markings.


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