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Key points of quality Control in the manufacture of Crystal easy-to-pull bottle Cap Mould

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Key points of quality Control in the manufacture of Crystal easy-to-pull bottle Cap Mould

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In recent years, the sales of many machines and equipment in the mold industry are declining, but the mold testing equipment, such as 2.5-dimensional, three-coordinate detector and other testing instruments are increasing from time to time. It can be seen that the improvement of quality is a necessary innovation direction for plastic mold consumers. But after all, is the quality of the plastic mold made or tested? 

With the gradual fullness of the market, the market demand is getting smaller and smaller, and the demand for the characteristics of oil embryo mold products is getting higher and higher. plastic mold manufacturers have gone from the past to win at low prices, and a number of new science and technology start-ups have sprung up one after another. in addition to the innovation and breaking of science and technology, they also have more stringent requirements for the quality of their products in all aspects. As a result, it also promotes the quality innovation of the whole manufacturing operation, and plastic mold production is the mother of industry.


Standing at the forefront of the tuyere and waves, the opportunity and challenge coexist, as long as we practice our internal skills, select the old equipment to invest in fine equipment, and introduce advanced management mechanism to strictly control from various processing and manufacturing links, the talent is ineffective to improve the quality of the mold. How does the injection bottle preform mold manufacturer deal with the white edge? 

Generally speaking, the first thing that people who do not understand this profession should consider is changing materials. Why do you say so? because this is a method that many people who do not understand plastic injection molding know, but this method has one drawback, that is, it is wasteful. Is there no other solution other than changing materials? 

So how is the white edge formed? 

White edge is a unique injection defect of modified polyethylene and plexiglass, which mostly appears on the edge of the parts close to the parting surface. The white edge is an aggregate composed of many stretching oriented molecules perpendicular to the direction of the material flow and the fine distance between them. There is still a polymer connecting phase in the direction of the white edge, so the white edge is not a crack. Under proper heating, the stretching oriented molecules may return to the natural zigzag state and make the white edge disappear.


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