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This paper analyzes the principle of PET crystal bottle cap mould manufacturing technology.

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This paper analyzes the principle of PET crystal bottle cap mould manufacturing technology.

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What are the manufacturing skills of plastic moulds? 

Plastic mold is a kind of combined plastic mold for compression molding, extrusion, injection, blow molding and low foaming forming. it is the professional process equipment of metal and non-metal pressure forming process system. 

Plastic moulds are industrialized and commercialized. Bottle embryo mold manufacturers are the symbol of the progress and level of production skills and the technological foundation of the modernization of manufacturing operations. 

The foundation of plastic mold production is the design of plastic mold, reasonable and correct design is the guarantee of correct production of plastic mold; the development of PET crystal bottle cap mold manufacturing skills is of great significance to improve mold quality, accuracy and shorten the cycle of mold production.


With the continuous development of science and technology, plastic mold production skills have become an important part of today's production skills. 

Such as the CAD/CAM skills of plastic moulds, the laser rapid prototyping skills of plastic moulds, the fine forming skills of plastic moulds, the ultra-fine processing skills of plastic moulds, the dynamic imitation skills of finite element method and gap element method in the design of plastic moulds, the CIMS skills of plastic moulds, and the DNM skills and numerical control skills of plastic moulds that have been developed. 

It simply covers all the production skills today. 

At present, the general trend of industrial development in China mainly includes fine, efficient, long-life plastic moulds and the development of efficient, fine, CNC automatic processing equipment, improving the production level of plastic moulds and many plastic moulds with multi-stations and multi-cavities. 

Plastic mold manufacturing skills can be divided into the following two stages: 

1. Industrial production stage: general cutting machine tools and EDM machine tools are selected to complete mechanization and standardize production skills. 

The forming accuracy of plastic mold parts has reached 0.001mm, and its general parts have been standardized, which has completed mass production and shortened the production cycle of plastic moulds. 

2, craft workshop production stage: mainly rely on the craftsmanship of plastic mold workers, can only make a single process stamping die, Bakelite die and other simple plastic mold.


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