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Informationization of High quality bottle blowing Mould Industry

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Informationization of High quality bottle blowing Mould Industry

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First, the informationization of the mold industry is the second innovation of the mold. 

1. With China's accession to the WTO and the development of global economic integration, it is bound to have a great impact on the system of China's traditional industry. 

We must innovate the traditional way of working to get used to shopping malls. 

In order to participate in international competitions, we must be in line with international standards in the ways and means of information communication. as we all know, e-commerce represents the direction of future trade, and it is also an inevitable trend of economic development and progress. 

In the period of gradual deepening of the mall competition, the innovation ability of enterprises has increasingly become an important part of the competitiveness of enterprises, and information resources have increasingly become the strategic resources of enterprises. 


Most of the die and mould enterprises in China are small and medium-sized enterprises, which have grown up from the workshop-like enterprises, and even at present, many mold enterprises are still workshop-style management, and problems arise one after another in the control of mold delivery time, cost and quality. 

Facing the fierce competition in shopping malls and the backward means and level of management, the management and skilled personnel in mold enterprises are only on the run. 

Therefore, mold manufacturing enterprises to improve the level of management, with the ability of rapid response and timely adjustment, without a set of advanced management system to complete the management of information is very difficult to achieve. 

After the information construction, the mold production is completed. 

The so-called information-based mold enterprise, is in the mold enterprise use INTERNET, ERP and other information skills, mold enterprise upstream and downstream business process, skills channel process, as well as mold enterprise boundary affairs processing process, fixed by the IT way, ultimately improve the mold enterprise operation management level, improve the mold enterprise work power. 

2. The focus of the future mold enterprise competition-informatization. 



In the 1980s, the means of making moulds mainly relied on ordinary mechanical processing equipment, while high-quality bottle blowing moulds with complex shapes depended on the skills of fitters, and excellent mould fitters played a decisive role in the mold business community. the focus of the competition is who has the ability to produce the mold. 

In the 1990s, CAD/CAM skills, NC machining skills and EDM machining skills are gradually widely used, making moulds is no longer a problem. The use of CAD/CAM skills and NC skills is the main content to measure moulds, which is the first innovation of moulds. 

The management mode of mold enterprises has also changed, and management is becoming more and more important. 

In the 21st century, the rapid development of IT skills such as network skills and computer use, as well as the substantial reduction in the cost of using computer skills, the progress of network speed, the rapid spread of network use, and so on, all clarify that the information age is coming soon. Whoever can grasp the initiative, seize the first opportunity, and quickly apply IT skills to mold enterprises will have an advantage in opening up shopping malls and improving the competitive ability of enterprise centers. 

At present, the promotion of CAD/CAM skills has changed from the stage of "throwing the drawing board" to the stage of deepening the use of it. 

The use of CAPP skills can greatly improve the power and accuracy of enterprise process planning; the use of PDM system can effectively deal with product development data; the use of MIS/ERP system can fundamentally reduce the cost of enterprises and improve production and management power. 

The completion of information integration and functional cooperation between these systems, and the gradual completion of the comprehensive informatization of PET bottle preform mold enterprises has become the theme of deepening the use of CAD/CAM skills and the second innovation of the mold. Second, the special meaning of the promotion of informatization in the mold industry. 


Generally speaking, the establishment of network enterprises is based on INTERNET skills and computer management skills, and integrates EPR, CRM, SCM, PM and other skills, as well as some industry standardization norms. 


Through INTERNET skills, mold enterprises can establish contact with customers in China, open up broader shopping malls, communicate with customers' affairs and skills, and establish an interface between enterprises and customers. 

ERP skills help enterprises standardize and handle internal affairs processes, improve the management level of mold enterprises, and greatly optimize and shorten the processes of the enterprise boundary department, and improve competitiveness. 

The combination of INTERNET skills and ERP skills can also complete long-distance remote office, improve the rapid response ability of enterprises, and become more useful in managing enterprises. 

CRM skills can help mold enterprises to strengthen customer relations, respond quickly to customer needs and deal with them. 

SCM skills help mold enterprises to strengthen the management of suppliers, further reduce procurement costs and open up more ways of supply, and so on. 



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