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Development status and trend of IT Technology in bottle embryo Mould Manufacturers (part two)

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Development status and trend of IT Technology in bottle embryo Mould Manufacturers (part two)

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The professional use of CAE in bottle embryo mold manufacturers in China is still in its infancy, and it is only in enterprises with strong economic strength, such as FAW, Dongfeng, Haier and other units, that they have purchased a small amount of commercial software and began to test and use it. 

PDM, an integrated management platform for product information. 

With the widespread use of CAD/CAM/CAE software and other software, various types and patterns of data generated by computers, such as market analysis reports, product planning information, processing drawings, parts processing technology, NC machining program list, simulation test results analysis, etc., are rapidly added. 

How to deal with and use these data effectively has become a difficult problem for enterprises. 

In the early 1980s, the skill of PDM (Product data Management) was put forward to solve the problem of managing electronic information resources. 

In the 1990s, with the wide spread of computer network planning, the rapid development of data skills, and the widespread use of Chammer S form (client server form) and Bhand S form (browser server form), PDM skills have been greatly developed, and the scope has gradually expanded from a single computer information management in the past to the skills of handling all product-related information and all product-related processes. 

Standardize the use of data exchange patterns (such as STEP) and middleware skills (such as CORBA), so that the PDM system has good compatibility and openness, can transparently cross a variety of heterogeneous systems, and identify files of different patterns. 

Therefore, as an information communication platform, PDM system can integrate and manage the relevant data and processes of various products of the enterprise, and assist managers to manipulate and manage the development process in the whole process of product development. 

At the same time, planners can obtain the relevant information of the product timely and accurately in all aspects of the product life cycle and every place related to the product process, and operate the product data within a certain scope of authority. 

The high degree of integration and sharing of this kind of product data reduces the development time and cost of new products. 

According to foreign statistics, the implementation of PDM can reduce the project cost by at least 10%, shorten the product life cycle by 20%, reduce the engineering change control time by 30%, and reduce the number of engineering changes by 40%.


Now, foreign companies have developed some PDM products with complete functions, good openness, novel thinking and advanced skills, such as UGS's IMAN,IBM, Product Manager,SDRC 's Metaphase,PTC 's Windchill and so on. 

These products have been promoted and used successfully in Boeing, IBM, Ford, General Motors and other companies. 

Some domestic enterprises, such as Chunlan, Haier, Changhong and Konka, have adopted IMAN system, and Xi'an aircraft Planning Institute has adopted IBM PM system, which has also achieved certain success. 

At the same time, domestic software manufacturers have also launched their own PDM products, such as IntePDM, bottle embryo mold manufacturer of Wuhan Tianyu Company, KMPDM, of Tsinghua Tongfang Software Company, TFPDMS of Tsinghua Tongfang Software Company, etc., domestic PDM system is far from foreign products in terms of function, skill, thinking stability, but has certain advantages in price and customization degree. 

Therefore, it is also used in some domestic enterprises. 

Enterprise Informatization marked by CIMS. 

Following the birth of CAD skills in the middle and late 20th century, information skills entered the category of handling affairs in 1954, resulting in MRP/MRPII skills and so on. 

These individual skills have reached a very high level in their respective categories, but due to the lack of useful information communication and coordination among these unit skills and devices, such as CAD skills are generally used in product shape boundaries, CAM is mainly used in NC programming, CAE focuses on numerical simulation, and each has different information needs and document patterns, so the information communication between systems is not smooth. 

This creates a so-called "isolated island of automation". 

How to integrate all kinds of unit skills organically and use them comprehensively has become a hot topic of research. 

The United States first put forward the principle of CIM (computer Integrated production) in 1973, and its basic thinking is to regard all kinds of activities in production enterprises, such as market analysis, business decision-making, engineering planning, production and processing, quality control, after-sales service, etc., as a closely connected whole, and regard the whole production process as a process of data search, transmission, processing and processing. 

CIM is an advanced principle, which is a comprehensive skill based on traditional production skills, information skills, management skills, automation skills and system engineering skills. 

However, limited to the skills at that time, it was not until the early 1980s that CIMS, a production system based on the concept of CIM, was gradually valued and adopted in the production category. 

In the past ten or twenty years, under the encouragement of market competition and the progress of related skills, the concept of CIM and its skills have been continuously enriched, improved and carried out in practice, from the initial computer integration production to modern integration production, and its connotation has gradually expanded from the integration of internal information within enterprises to the integration of planning and production process (concurrent engineering), and then to the integration between enterprises (dynamic alliance).


The implementation of CIMS shortens the delivery time and quotation time of the product, reduces the cost and inventory of the product, and improves the output value and quality of the product. For example, the National 863/CIMS theme takes Huazhong University of Science and Technology as a skill-based unit to undertake the development and implementation of Dongfeng Motor's CAD/CAPP/CAM integrated system for body and masking dies. After the implementation of the integrated system, the power of car body planning has been more than doubled, the power of process planning has been increased by less than 50%, and the quality of the masked parts processed has been close to the foreign level. It has significantly improved the quality of Dongfeng Motor Company's car body and cover parts mold products, shortened the car body planning and manufacturing cycle, and enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises. Domestic mold professional implementation of CIMS or enterprise information project units also Haier, Kelon, Chengfei, BAIC Futian, Efeng and many other enterprises. Through the implementation of enterprise information projects, these enterprises have improved the level of computer skills throughout the enterprise, created obvious economic benefits, played a typical exemplary role in domestic mold enterprises, and accumulated valuable experience.

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