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Development status and trend of IT Technology in Oil embryo Mould Industry (part I)

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Development status and trend of IT Technology in Oil embryo Mould Industry (part I)

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All kinds of information resources, including shopping mall information, enterprise operation information, product planning and processing information, are increasingly becoming strategic resources for enterprises. 

If all kinds of IT skills can be reasonably applied to die and mould enterprises, China's die and mould enterprises will make great progress in management level and operational efficiency. 

In Europe and the United States and other industrial developed countries, the mold industry is called the "magnetic industry" which turns iron into gold. " 

In Japan, the mold industry is known as "the driving force to enter the affluent society". The annual output of the mold industry reaches 1.3 trillion yuan, far more than 900 billion yen of Japan's total machine tool output. 

In Germany, the mold industry is regarded as the "emperor" of the processing industry, while some countries in the European Union call it "mold is gold". 

At present, there are about 20000 mold manufacturing enterprises in China, and the annual growth rate is 10% 15%. In 2002, the mold output has reached 4 billion US dollars. 

Some of the moulds produced in China have approached or reached the international level, but there is still a big gap with the industrial developed countries in terms of planning level, processing equipment, mode of operation, quality control, market development, personnel quality and skill innovation. 

China's mold industry should not only improve the use of CNC machine tools with precision, high efficiency and high degree of automation, but also explore new production and management models in product planning, enterprise decision planning, mall expansion and internal management. 


Since the middle and late 1960s, some large companies in Europe and America began to pay attention to and put into the research and development of CAD/CAM skills, which greatly promoted the development of CAD/CAM skills. 

With the rapid development of the mold industry, CAD/CAM skills are gradually introduced into the mold industry, and increasingly attracted the attention of enterprises. 

Hitachi, Hitachi, Hitachi and other companies successfully applied CAD skills to the planning and production of stamping dies as early as the mid-1970s, which shortened the planning time by more than 1 / 2. 

Most of the excellent CAD/CAM systems are general-purpose systems for the mechanical profession. International manufacturers have invested manpower and material resources to launch a special CAD/CAM system with perfect function and convenient operation according to the characteristics of all kinds of moulds. 

For example, the American Oil embryo Mould products Company has launched the multi-position progressive die planning guide CAD system (Progressive Die Wizard) and injection mold planning guide CAD system (Mold Wizard) for multi-position progressive die and injection mold respectively. 

The two systems are seamlessly integrated into the company's three-dimensional mechanical CAD/CAM system UG, which provides users with progressive mold and injection bottle preform mold planning environment and things, encapsulates the expert knowledge of mold planning, and provides a rich standardized mold base library, parts library and insert library.


Huazhong University of Science and Technology first started the research on the expert system of stamping process planning, and finished the development of blanking die CAD/CAM system HPC in 1986. 

The system focuses on the planning of man-machine interface, and can complete the planning of single punching die, compound die and progressive die for blanking and piercing. 

The National Engineering Research Center of Mould CAD of Shanghai Jiaotong University cooperated with Feintool company in Switzerland to develop the fine blanking mould process planning KBE (Knowledge-Based Engineering, engineering based on common sense) system, and with Qingdao Haier Mould Company to develop the injection mold base selection KBE system, and with Yamanaka Alloy Co., Ltd., Japan to develop the cold forging die planning KBE system. 

CAE software was born in the early 1970s, mainly based on finite element method, finite difference method, finite volume method and meshless method. 

CAE software is divided into general pre-and post-processing, general finite element solution software and professional special software. 

Now the common pre-and post-processing softwares are PEMAP of EDS, Patran of MSC and HyperMesh, of Altair. These softwares are widely used in American car manufacturers. 

The general finite element solving softwares include ABAQUS, ANSYS, Cosmos, MSC/MARC, MSC/NASTRAN and so on. 

The professional special finite element software is only used in their respective professions due to the constraints of their application fields. The AUTOFORMT and DYNAFORM software of sheet metal forming profession, such as MAGMA software of casting profession, MS C/ADAMS software of mechanical power simulation field, and so on. 

Now, CAE software is developing in the direction of multi-physical fields. 

Through the national key experiment of mold skills in Huazhong University of Science and Technology for more than 10 years, a unique and international advanced 3D injection molding simulation system HSCAE3D has been developed. 

The system can directly divide the network on the three-dimensional solid model, display the results of three-dimensional analysis, and introduce common sense engineering skills into the development of the system, making use of the thinking and reasoning ability of artificial intelligence. instead of users to complete a lot of process parameters, product parameters, analysis of the results of data field and other information analysis and processing. 

Now, the system has become a well-known commercial software product, and has gained successful experience in a number of famous enterprises, such as Qingdao Haier Mould Co., Ltd., Kelon Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., and so on. 

Through the in-depth and systematic study of the planning theory, calculation methods and key skills of sheet metal stamping process and die, Hunan University has established a set of system skills and equipment with independent common sense property rights, from basic theory and method to CAE stamping analysis, experimental research of stamping process, and then to stamping process planning and die planning. 

The results of the project have been established in the car skills Research and Development Center of Hunan University and SAIC Wuling car Co., Ltd. 

The stamping formability analysis software KMAS has been developed by Jilin University. 

According to the inverse algorithm, the rapid sheet metal forming analysis software FASTAMP, for die planners has been developed by the State key Laboratory of Mould Technology of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and used in production. 

At present, the use of CAD/CAM skills in most mold enterprises in China is still limited to two-dimensional drawing, the use of three-dimensional planning is still in the initial stage, the share of NC machining in mold production is still low, compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, there is still a considerable distance.


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