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Crystal easy to pull bottle cap mold factory introduces the related functions of the injection molding machine!

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Crystal easy to pull bottle cap mold factory introduces the related functions of the injection molding machine!

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1. The melt glue of the nozzle generally flows into the injection port from the nozzle, but in some moulds, the nozzle is part of the mold because it extends to the bottom of the mold. 

In addition, there are two main types of nozzles: open nozzles and closed nozzles. 

In injection production, more open nozzles should be used because they are cheap and less likely to remain. 

If the injection molding machine is equipped with decompression equipment, then even the melt with lower viscosity can use this kind of nozzle. 

Sometimes it is necessary to use a closed injector, which acts as a stop valve to block the plastic shade in the injection cylinder. 

Ensure that the injection nozzle is correctly connected to the injection port sleeve, and the top hole is slightly smaller than that of the injection port sleeve, which makes the injection port more convenient to withdraw from the mold. 

The hole of the injector sleeve is 1mm larger than that of the nozzle, that is, the radius of the nozzle is smaller than the radius of the injector sleeve 0.5mm. 

2.The impurities in the plastic of the filter and the combined nozzle can be removed by the filter of the extensible nozzle, that is, the melt and the plastic flow through a channel, which is separated by inserts into narrow spaces. 

These narrowness and voids can remove impurities and improve the mixing of plastics.


Therefore, if it is extended, a fixed mixer can be used to achieve a better mixing effect. 

These devices can be installed between the injection cylinder and the nozzle to separate and remix the melt, mostly to make the melt flow through the stainless steel channel. 

3. Exhaust some plastics need to be vented in the injection cylinder during injection molding to let the gas out. 

In most cases, these gases are just air, but it may be water or single-molecule gas released from melting. 

If these gases cannot be released, the gas will be tightened by the melt glue and brought to the mold, and it will expand and form bubbles in the product. To drain the gas before it reaches the nozzle or mold, the crystal pull cap mold drops or reduces the screw root diameter to reduce the melt pressure in the injection cylinder. Here, the gas can be discharged from the hole or hole in the injection cylinder. Then the diameter of the screw root increases, and the melt glue of the devolatilization is oriented to the nozzle. The injection molding machine equipped with this facility is called exhaust injection molding machine. The top of this exhaust injection molding machine should be a smoke exhaust with a good catalytic burner to remove potentially harmful gases.



Add the effect of back pressure in order to obtain high quality melt glue, plastics should be heated or melted together and fully mixed. 

The correct screw can be used to melt and mix properly, and there is a satisfied pressure (or back pressure) in the injection cylinder in order to achieve the commonality of mixing and heat. 

The resistance of adding back oil can produce back pressure in the shooting material cylinder. 

However, the screw takes longer to reset, so there is more wear and consumption in the drive system of the injection molding machine. 

As much as possible to adhere to the back pressure, and air barrier, but also need to melt temperature and mixing degree. 


No matter what kind of screw is used in the stop valve, its top level is generally equipped with a stop valve. In order to prevent the plastic from flowing out from the accessories of the bottle blowing machine, it will also be equipped with pressure relief (inverted cable) equipment or special shooting nozzles. 

If the use of stop production, supply and marketing, must be checked regularly, because it is an important part of the shooting cylinder. 

Nowadays, switch nozzles are not widely used because of the simple leakage of plastic and differentiation in the nozzles. 

At present, each type of plastic has a list of applicable types of nozzles. 


Screw withdrawal (inverted cable) many injection molding machines are equipped with screw withdrawal or suction equipment. 

When the screw roll stops, it is withdrawn by hydraulic pressure to suck back the top plastic of the injector. The equipment allows the use of open nozzles. 

The amount of suction that will be taken back may fall, because entering the air will cause problems for some plastics. 


The screw cushion material needs to be adjusted to compare the rolling amount of the screw village in most of the injection cycle, so that when the screw injection is finished, there will be a small amount of cushion plastic, which can ensure the screw to reach a useful advancing time and adhere to a fixed shooting pressure. 

The cushion material of small injection molding machine is about 3mm, while that of large injection molding machine is 9mm. 

No matter how big the screw cushion value is, it must remain the same. 

Now the size of the screw gasket can be controlled within the 0.11mm. 


The rotation speed of the screw significantly affects the stability of the injection molding process and the heat acting on the plastic. 

The faster the screw rolls, the higher the temperature. When the screw rotates at high speed, the friction (shear) energy transferred to the plastic increases the plasticizing power, but together it also increases the non-uniformity of the melt temperature. 

Because of the importance of the screw surface speed, the screw rotation speed of the large injection molding machine should be less than that of the small injection molding machine, because the shear heat energy produced by the injection bottle blank mold is much higher than that of the small screw in terms of equal rotation speed. 

Because of the difference in plastic, the rolling speed of the screw is also different. 


The evaluation of injection injection molding machine is generally based on the amount of PS that can be injected in each injection, perhaps measured in ounces or grams. 

The other ranking system is determined by the volume of molten glue injected by the injection molding machine. 


The evaluation of the plasticizing ability injection molding machine is generally based on the amount of PS that can be uniformly melted within 1 hour, or the amount of PS heated to a uniform melting temperature (in pounds and kilograms), which is called plasticizing ability. 


Evaluation of plasticizing ability to determine whether quality can be maintained throughout the production process, a simple formula for output and plasticizing ability can be used as follows: t = (total injection volume gX3600) (injection molding machine plasticizing volume kg/hX1000)

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