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Statistics on the proportion of imports and exports of high-quality injection moulds in China

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Statistics on the proportion of imports and exports of high-quality injection moulds in China

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During the 10th five-year Plan period, it is estimated that the annual increase rate of the number of moulds needed by China's home appliance industry is about 10%. 

A refrigerator needs about 350 sets of molds, worth 4 million yuan, and a fully automatic washing machine needs about 200 sets of molds, worth 30 million yuan. 

From the perspective of plastic molds alone, an 

air conditioner needs 20 sets of plastic molds, worth 1.5 million yuan, and a color TV needs about 10 sets of plastic molds, worth 1.2 million yuan. 

During the 10th five-year Plan period, the annual production value of color TV sets alone in China will exceed 40 million. Based on the demand of 100000 sets of plastic moulds with a price of about 1.2 million yuan, there will be an annual market of about 480 million yuan for plastic moulds for color TV sets alone.


At present, the market has put forward new requirements for the color, feel, precision and wall thickness of the shell of household appliances and consumer electronics, and the design of high-quality injection mold shell has become an important part. 

People in the industry generally believe that large, fine and well-designed injection moulds (mainly for thin-walled products) will be welcomed by the market in the future. 

In the manufacture of integrated circuits, integrated circuit plastic packaging mold is a necessary key process equipment in the production of semiconductor integrated circuit products. electronic packaging directly affects the electrical function, thermal function, optical function, aesthetic function and mechanical function of semiconductor equipment and integrated circuits, as well as its reliability and cost. Bottle embryo mold manufacturers play a key role in system miniaturization. 

Plastic packaging accounts for more than 95% of the integrated circuit packaging market. 

As a big consumer of integrated circuits, China currently needs about 3.8 million sets of semiconductor equipment and integrated circuit plastic packaging moulds, but the existing production capacity is lack of 1.5 million sets. 

It is estimated that the market demand for semiconductor integrated circuits in China will continue to increase at an annual rate of 15% and 20% in the next 10 years. 

The demand of the mold market also shows a linear increasing trend, and the demand will reach about 8.4 million units by 2005, and the demand for industrialization is extremely urgent.


Speed up the development of high-document moulds. 

Customs statistics show that in 2003, China imported US $1.3693 billion of moulds, an increase of 7.65% over the previous year. During the period of hot runner bottle embryo moulds, the import amount of plastic and rubber moulds reached US $779 million, accounting for 56.6% of the total import; in 2003, the export of moulds was US $336.8 million, an increase of 33.65% over the previous year. During this period, the export value of plastic and rubber moulds was US $225 million, accounting for 66.8% of the total export value. 

It can be seen that China's mold market is in a period of rapid growth, especially plastic and rubber moulds have made great progress. 

From the comparison of imports and exports, it can be seen that the amount of imported plastic moulds is 246% higher than that of exports. 

Statistics on the proportion of Import and Export of plastic Mould products in China in 2003. 

In order to improve the import and export of plastic moulds in our country, we must speed up the development of domestic plastic moulds. 

To this end, it is necessary to quickly break through the two bottlenecks that restrict the development of the mold industry. 

First, the lack of mold standardization rate, which must lead to longer delivery time, together with the difficulty for users to replace parts. 

The low degree of standardization of moulds also directly restricts the specialization and cooperation of moulds and the circulation of commercialization, as well as the export of moulds. In 2003, the degree of standardization and commercialization of moulds in China was about 45%. Compared with the degree of commercialization of 70%, 80% of developed countries, there is still a big gap. 

Another primary reason for restricting the development of moulds is that the domestic ability to make high-precision moulds is low. 

With the continuous development of the plastic industry, the development of fine, large, messy and long-life plastic moulds will be higher than the total development speed. 

Together, because in recent years, fine, large, messy, long-life moulds account for the majority of imported moulds, so from the point of view of reducing imports and improving the localization rate, the proportion of this kind of domestic high-end moulds in the market will also gradually increase.


With the external transportation of mold industry and skills in developed countries and the adjustment of China's industrial structure, the demand for fine moulds related to cars, household appliances and electronics industry is increasing. The pace of competition in the mold industry has been accelerated from the aspects of speed, quality, cost and service, so as to continuously improve the skill level of domestic mold standardization and refinement. 

Through years of efforts, plastic mold standard mold base, standard push rod and bandage spring have been more and more widely used in our country, and some domestic commercial warm runner system components have been presented; in view of the processing requirements of key components, microholes and fine structure components in the market, seeking the development of fine moulds to improve the added value of products has become the way for some small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out. 

Experts predict that in the future, moulds will be developed in the direction of large-scale, high precision and multi-function, and the proportion of warm runner moulds in plastic moulds will gradually improve, and with the continuous improvement and development of plastic molding technology, gas-assisted moulds and moulds used to high-pressure injection molding will also be carried out. 

Together, because in recent years, our country uses about 1 billion US dollars to import moulds every year, during which fine, large, messy and long-life moulds account for the majority. 

From the point of view of reducing imports, China should also speed up the development of high-grade plastic moulds.

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