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Market Analysis of injection Mould and plastic Mould in China

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Market Analysis of injection Mould and plastic Mould in China

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Moulds are called the mother of industrial products. 

Similarly, the high-speed development of the plastic industry is inseparable from the continuous progress of the mold industry. 

The scale of China's plastic mold market is huge, with the rapid development of the domestic mold industry, skills have also made a great leap, but they are still facing the dilemma of importing advanced moulds. 

The improvement of skills and strength is the future of China's mold industry. 

In recent years, the average annual growth rate of China's plastic industry has reached more than 10%, and the annual output value of plastic products produced by bottle embryo mold manufacturers ranks second in the world. 

Plastic products are developing rapidly in agriculture, plastic packaging, plastic pipes and profiles, cars, home appliances, electronics, transportation and other areas, setting off an upsurge of investment.


Driven by high skills and the demand for the application of pillar industries, plastic moulds have formed a huge industrial chain. from upstream material industry and processing, testing equipment to downstream machinery, cars, motorcycles, home appliances, electronic communications, construction materials and other major application industries, plastic mold development is in the ascendant. 

Construction and building materials industry. 

The construction industry is the pillar industry of the national economy. In the next 5-10 years, China's construction industry will have greater development. Professional injection moulds will become a new consumption hot spot and economic growth point in China's market, and promote the development of chemical building materials industry. 

As the state has banned the use of cast iron pipes and replaced them with plastic pipes, it is estimated that plastic pipes will be used for 80% of the indoor drains of newly built houses and 50% of the urban water supply pipes in 2010. 

At the same time, the country is vigorously developing plastic doors and windows, and it is estimated that the penetration rate of plastic doors and windows will reach 30% 50% in 2010.


Since the 1980s, plastic doors and windows and water supply and drainage pipe fittings in China have been developed agile through skill digestion and development on the basis of introducing equipment and skills. 

During the 10th five-year Plan period, plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, and new waterproof materials have become the key points for the development of the chemical building materials industry. 

Plastic building materials can not only replace steel, wood and traditional building materials, but also have the advantages of saving energy, saving materials, protecting ecology, improving living environment, improving construction function and quality, reducing construction weight, fast construction and so on. It will be used more and more in the future. It is estimated that the plastic products used for construction will reach about 4 million tons in 2005. 

Chemical building materials extrusion die is a key process equipment for the production of new chemical building materials, which mainly includes plastic profile extrusion die, plastic pipe fitting die, low foaming extrusion die and so on. 

The concavity and convexity of its skill performance directly affects the quality and output value of new chemical building materials. 

Plastic profile extrusion die is mainly used to produce plastic door and window profiles. 

According to data, the share of plastic doors and windows in the German door and window market is as high as 80%, and the market share of other Western European countries has also reached 30% to 40%. China is now vigorously promoting plastic doors and windows. 

The pipe fitting mold is a difficult injection mold, which is used to produce plastic water supply and drainage pipe fittings in urban construction. 

It is expected that the demand for plastic building materials moulds will grow rapidly, and all kinds of profile extrusion moulds and plastic pipe fittings moulds will become new economic growth points in the mold market.


Car and motorcycle industry is one of the five pillar industries of the national economy. 

In 2004, the production and sales of cars in China have exceeded 5 million, and people in the crystal pull mold industry even use "blowout" to describe it. 

Judging from the law of the development of industrial economy, the per capita GDP level of our country is in the stage of 1000 US dollars-3000 US dollars, which economists call "economic take-off period". This kind of internal weak economic demand makes the potential market of car moulds huge. 

It is estimated that cars and motorcycles need more than 10 billion yuan of moulds every year. 

However, the production ability of large-scale precision moulds in our country is insufficient, and now almost all the moulds of middle and high-grade cars are imported. 

Plastic molds for large and medium-sized exterior and interior accessories are also a key point of demand. 

Developing moulds for cover parts of large and precision cars with high scientific and technological content and plastic moulds for large and medium-sized exterior and interior accessories is an important work in the future. 

With the advent of China's car era and the rapid growth of China's motorcycle exports, replacing wood and metal with plastics will greatly increase the demand for plastic moulds in the car and motorcycle industry, especially the presentation of new materials and new molding skills. as a result, the consumption of plastic products in the car industry is increasing day by day. 

In a certain sense, the consumption of car plastic products can reflect the development level of a country's car industry. 

The average use of plastic products per car in Germany has now reached nearly 300 kg, accounting for about 22% of the total consumption materials of cars, and it is the country with the largest number of plastic parts for cars in the world. 

Each car in Japan evenly uses 100 kilograms of plastic, accounting for about 7.5% of the total consumption of car materials. 

For example, the new car developed and sold by a Japanese company, except for seats, the roof, decoration materials, dashboards and other interior parts are all made of plastic. 

At that time, the application trend of car plastic products has been carried out from ordinary decoration parts to structural parts and functional parts, and the use of plastic raw materials has also expanded from ordinary plastics (mostly used in car interior decoration parts) to composite materials or plastic alloys with higher strength and better impact resistance. 

It can be said that with the improvement of plastic raw materials and their molding skills and technology, plastic riding on Mercedes-Benz cars will certainly lead to the development of car plastic moulds.

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