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What is the cause of the rust of the bottle embryo mold?

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What is the cause of the rust of the bottle embryo mold?

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Plastic bottle cap mold mall is a shopping mall with huge demand, many subdivided shopping malls and great competition pressure. 

More and more manufacturers join the plastic bottle cap mold shopping malls, while the diversification and differentiation of plastic bottle caps are constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new. 

However, we do not understand that plastic bottle cap moulds are also easy to rust, so what is the reason for plastic cap moulds to rust under normal circumstances? 

Under normal circumstances, the reason for the rust of the plastic bottle cap mold is that the gas is formed after the melt is overheated and decomposed. If the attack occurs during the suspension of molding, the corrosive gas around the bottle embryo mold is mold corrosion. 

For this reason, after stopping injection molding, the mold must be cleaned with a clean soft cloth, and the mold must be closed when it is not formed to prevent corrosion caused by gas from other injection machines around. 

Bottle embryo mold


When closing the mold of the plastic bottle cap, do not forget to apply butter, do not forget to plug the mold, if you stop molding for a long time, spray antirust agent in the mold cavity, etc., clean the mold cavity with a soft cloth before spraying, and make sure there are no rust spots. 

If the appearance of the mold cavity is stained with slag carbide, which leads to the rust of the plastic mold, it should be eliminated in time; the carbide generated by separation and decomposition in the molding material often makes the mold wear or corrosion, and should be erased with a dry cloth as soon as it is found. 

Generally, although the electrocoating in the mold cavity is good for anti-rust, the injection mold is not completely useful. sometimes the corrosive gas occurs deep corrosion through the pores on the surface of the coating, and the way to prevent the corrosion of the coating is to wipe the plastic bottle cap mold frequently.



Cooling water in the mold is easy to make the plastic bottle cap mold rust. 

If the mold is cooled below zero, the moisture in the air will form water droplets on the outside of the mold, and it will rust if it is not erased. 

Although the molding process will not be exposed, but immediately after the suspension of molding, condensate will occur immediately, it is best not to stop the molding in the production process, even if you want to stop, you should turn off the cooling water and dry the appearance of the plastic bottle cap mold. 

When the above situation occurs, we must ensure that the protection work can be done in time, so that the plastic bottle cap mold is not easy to rust. 

Thin-walled plastic cups cover various fields because of their light weight, convenient carrying, environmental protection and low cost. 

For example, containers and drinking cups are widely replaced by thin-walled plastic cups. 

The production and production of thin-walled plastic cups are all completed through the planning and production of injection moulds and finally injection on the injection machine. 

However, the mold planning and manufacture of thin-walled plastic cup are generally difficult, so there are often many technical problems worth discussing. 

The thin-walled plastic cup shown is an airline drinking cup of an airline. 

The wall thickness of the cup is 0. 

46mm, caliber 82. 

00mm, height 78. 

08mm . 

The cup has a large caliber and a small bottom diameter, and there is a proper arc transition between the caliber and the bottom diameter, which is beneficial to the demoulding of the plastic parts. 

The thickness of the wall around the cup is uniform and symmetrical, and its weight is not more than 10g. There are four reinforcement bars at the bottom of the inside, and the bottom is concave and convex. 

The material is PC, and the shrinkage is 0. 5%. 


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