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Advantages of NC Machining of petg embryo injection Mould

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Advantages of NC Machining of petg embryo injection Mould

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Plastic bottle cap moulds are mainly used to make plastic bottle cap products. What is the numerical control of plastic bottle cap moulds? 

Numerical control is the abbreviation of digital manipulation. 

That is, the motion parameters of the machine tool or cutting tool are represented by digital information, and the digital information is sent to the computer, and the plastic bottle cap mold is manipulated by the computer to make the relative motion between the machined parts and the cutting tools meet the requirements, and then finish the machining of the parts. 

It is an efficient automatic machine tool controlled by computer, which summarizes and applies the latest achievements in active control of petg embryo injection mold, computer skills, fine measurement and machine tool structure. 

CNC machine tools are generally composed of numerical control system (computer and interface circuit), driving equipment (servo circuit and servo motor), mainframe (bed, column, spindle, feed organization, etc.) and auxiliary equipment (hydraulic equipment, air pressure equipment, AC worktable, cutting tools and testing equipment, etc.).



The main results are as follows: (1) when the parts are machined on the mold with a high degree of initiative, the whole machining process is actively completed by the numerical control system to control the moving parts of the mold according to the machining program, and the operator only needs to press the operation button and observe whether the machining process is normal or not. 

(2) the finishing process of plastic bottle cap mould with strong adaptability is controlled by program. 

When machining a part, it is necessary to write a machining program according to the scale, shape and skill requirements on the part drawing, and then send it to the computer of the numerical control system. 

When the machining target changes, in addition to replacing the tool and fixture, the machining can be completed only by writing a new machining program according to the machining requirements of the new target. 

Therefore, the processing range of the mold is very wide, and a lot of special fixtures can be saved, which is especially suitable for single piece and small batch processing. 

(3) with good machining quality and high prec

ision, most of them choose high-performance spindle, servo transmission system, efficient and high-precision transmission parts (such as ball screw pair, linear rolling guideway, etc.) and die structure with high dynamic rigidity. The method of improving die wear resistance and reducing thermal deformation is adopted, which can adhere to higher geometric accuracy and positioning accuracy. 

And because the mold chooses active machining, which reduces the artificial operation error, so it has high machining accuracy and scale consistency.



(4) the output power is high because the NC has a high degree of initiative, so the work of line drawing, fixture design and manufacture, multiple clamping positioning and inspection is omitted in the machining process, so the output power of NC machining is higher. 

(5) easy to form network control, one host computer can be used to control multiple moulds through the network, and a communication network can also be established among multiple molds. therefore, it is beneficial to form an integrated production system of computer-aided design, production management and production. 

Of course, the numerical control processing method of pet injection mold also has some defects such as high mold price, complex skills, and advanced requirements for mold maintenance and programming skills. 

In order to make full use of the high performance of the mold and give full play to its advantages of high power, a series of problems must be solved, such as the programming of parts processing program, the supply and adjustment of cutting tools, and the training of maintenance personnel. 

In addition, the mold is not suitable for machining parts with simple shape, low skill requirements, excessive rough embryo margin and uneven margin.

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