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Ways to improve the customized Machining accuracy of Oil bottle Mould

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Ways to improve the customized Machining accuracy of Oil bottle Mould

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The machining error of plastic bottle cap mold is caused by the original error in the process system. In order to improve the mold machining accuracy, it is necessary to eliminate or reduce the original error. 

There are many methods and measures to eliminate or reduce errors in production practice. 

(1) reduce machine tool errors and improve the machining accuracy of plastic bottle cap moulds. 

The main results are as follows: 1) choose the machine tool with good rigidity and high precision, and the oil bottle mold can be customized to choose the fine machine tool with spindle cooling, screw cooling and heat balance adjustment. 

The closed-loop numerical control system can eliminate the transmission errors of the machine tool. 

2) reduce the influence of heat source of machine tool. 

Usually, the fine machining machine tool should be placed in a constant temperature environment to make the machine tool work stably in the state of heat balance.



(2) reduce machining principle errors and improve plastic bottle cap mold machining accuracy in machining, rotary machining accuracy is usually higher than interpolation accuracy, so round holes and shafts in the mold should be machined by boring, turning or planetary grinding, which can be used to eliminate principle errors. 

(3) reduce measurement errors and improve the machining accuracy of plastic bottle cap moulds in order to improve the adjustment accuracy, tool alignment microscopes, light measurements, electrical measurements and other instruments are often used to adjust the relative orientation of cutting tools and workpieces. 

When measuring and selecting measuring tools, we should start from the precision requirements of the workpiece, so that the limit measurement error of the selected measuring tools is within the range of workpiece tolerance. 

In the process of measurement, the temperature difference between the measuring tool and the measured workpiece should be reduced as much as possible. 

With regard to the measurement of fine parts, it should be carried out under the condition of constant temperature of the corresponding grade. 

(4) reduce fixture errors and improve the customized machining accuracy of water bottle moulds. The general fixtures used in machining have different accuracy levels, and higher precision fixtures should be used according to the precision requirements of the workpiece. 

The fixtures used should be tested regularly and the unqualified fixtures or parts should be replaced in time. 

With regard to single-piece or small batch processing moulds, piece-by-piece correction processing should be selected, which can effectively eliminate the impact of fixture errors on processing, and then improve the mold manufacturing accuracy.



(5) reduce tool errors and improve the machining accuracy of plastic bottle cap moulds. 

1) improve the manufacturing accuracy of cutting tools. 

2) to improve the rigidity of the tool, choose the tool with small aspect ratio as far as possible, or minimize the protruding length when clamping the tool. 

3) in order to reduce the thermal deformation and wear of the tool, the cutting parameters, the parameters of the tool and the appropriate cutting fluid should be reasonably selected, and the cutting fluid should be used to give the tool sufficient cooling and smoothness. to reduce the cutting temperature and the wear speed of the tool. 

4) tool error compensation in modern machining skills, especially some fine CNC machine tools, have the function of dynamic detection of tool diameter and length, and take the initiative to compensate the practical errors of tool dynamic measurement before machining; or in the machining process, regularly monitor tool wear according to programming settings and take the initiative to compensate. 

(6) eliminate the deformation errors of the workpiece itself and improve the machining accuracy of the plastic bottle cap mold. 

1) when cutting workpieces with poor rigidity, necessary and useful technological measures should be taken. 

1 the contact area of the force point is added when clamping the workpiece. 

(2) for the machining of long rod or "thin plate", auxiliary support points should be added to relatively add the rigidity of the workpiece, such as one clamp and one top clamping and tool holder for turning long rod parts. 

3 with regard to the processing of warped deformed parts or uneven workpieces with clamping datum as shown in figure 4 Mel 10, appropriate force points should be selected for clamping, or support should be added at the warping place, which can be useful to reduce the repetition error. 

Plastic bottle cap mould. 

2) in the process of cutting the workpiece, enough coolant should be given to the tool and the workpiece to make it fully cool and smooth, or modern high-speed machining skills should be used to reduce the temperature rise of the workpiece and reduce the thermal deformation of the workpiece. 

3) it is particularly important to eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, especially when machining fine parts, and it is necessary to fully eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece before finishing. 

(7) High precision east-west electrode is selected to improve the machining accuracy of plastic bottle cap mold.

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