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Pre-inspection purpose and installation direction of high quality injection mold

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Pre-inspection purpose and installation direction of high quality injection mold

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However, before testing the mold, the operator should check the assembly drawing of the plastic bottle cap mold, understand the technical requirements of the mold, implement it one by one, and understand the basic structure, action principle and matters needing attention of the plastic bottle cap mold through the drawings. 

The mold of the plastic bottle cap needs to be tested in advance before hoisting, and the inspection content includes comparing the mold according to the mold assembly drawing and checking the mold shape standard (width, height and mold thickness). To see whether the high-quality injection mold can be successfully hoisted from above or need to be loaded from the side surface (horizontal injection molding machine), whether the positioning ring standard is met, and whether the ball R of the nozzle pit and the nozzle tip radius of the injection molding machine are suitable. 

Whether the small diameter of the main runner is slightly larger than the diameter of the nozzle, and whether the position of the lifting ring screw (or screw hole) after the mold is closed can balance the mold. 

When the dynamic mold and fixed mold are opened and viewed, the movement and reset principle of trunk runner, shunt channel, gate, side core-pulling arrangement, locking and positioning principle of side slider, product push-out arrangement, push rod, return rod and so on are investigated. 

Check the heating and cooling equipment of the mold and pay attention to the connection method of the pipe interface (or electric joint).



When re-closing the mold at the end of the inspection, special attention should be paid to the changing position (according to the marked azimuth and mark). If the azimuth is wrong, it will lead to serious accidents such as mold damage. 

If a problem is found during the inspection, if it does not meet the requirements of the mold test, it should be told to repair immediately, and the equipment should no longer be forced to avoid a waste of manpower, material resources and time. 

The selection of the direction of plastic bottle cap mold equipment should be based on the following criteria. 

The main results are as follows: (1) when the mold has a lateral core-pulling slider, the movement direction of the slider is placed in the horizontal direction as far as possible, and the crystal easy-to-pull mold slider is generally not placed in the upward core-pulling direction, because after the slider is separated from the oblique pin when opening the mold, it is assumed that the reliability of the positioning arrangement is poor, then the slider has the inclination of downward sliding, even if the displacement is not large, the oblique pin and the slider may bump against each other when closing the mold. 

Special attention should be paid to it.



(2) when there is a big difference between the length and width of the plastic bottle cap mold, the long edge of the mold should be placed in the horizontal direction as far as possible. 

(3) the cooling water joint of the mold is placed on the back of the mold, and the front of the mold faces the operator. 

(4) when the plastic bottle cap mold is assumed to have oil pressure joint, air pressure joint and warm runner component junction board, they should be placed on the non-operating surface as far as possible to facilitate operation.

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