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Why should CAD/CAM Technology be used in PET injection Mould Machinery

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Why should CAD/CAM Technology be used in PET injection Mould Machinery

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As one of the most important products of Shuanghe Mould Co., Ltd., the plastic bottle cap mold has the primary advantage of using mold CAD/CAM skills, which is an advanced production skill. It uses a computer instead of manual labor, with high speed and high accuracy. 

In the CAD/CAM system of plastic bottle cap mold, the information of the model and processing technology of the hot runner bottle embryo mold product is the most basic core data of the product and the basis of the whole planning and accounting. 

Through the calculation, analysis and planning of the CAD/CAM system of the plastic bottle cap mold, a lot of information can be obtained, which can be stored and transmitted directly to all aspects of the production process by using database and network skills, and then greatly weaken the effect of the drawing, which is prominently shown in the following aspects:



The main results are as follows: 1) shorten the mold production cycle. 

The use of the accounting machine reduces a lot of heavy manual labor and shortens the planning cycle; the integration of planning and production reduces the transition time of the intermediate link and improves the production efficiency. The use of efficient processing equipment also saves the processing time of plastic bottle cap mold; the shortening of production cycle is more conducive to the upgrading of products. 

2) improve the level of mold planning. 

Many predecessors' experiences have been accumulated in the mold CAD system. The PET injection mold machine can optimize the process parameters and the mold structure of the plastic bottle cap, modify it through human-computer interaction, give full play to the talents of the planner, and use the computer simulation to increase the reliability of the planning.



3) improve the quality of the mould. 

On the one hand, the mold CAD can ensure that the mold planning is correct and reasonable, on the other hand, the data of plastic bottle cap mold production is directly taken from the system database, which is fast and has few errors. 

With the application of numerical control machine tool (NC), computer controlled machine tool (CNC machine tool) and machining center (MC), the machining precision is high and the scale consistency is better. 

4) reduce the mold cost. 

Save a lot of labor and production time, after optimization planning can also save raw materials. 

5) improve the degree of mold standardization. 

The adoption of this skill requires the standardization of plastic bottle cap mold planning process, mold structure standardization, mold production process and process conditions. 

In turn, the standardization of plastic bottle cap moulds promotes the development of CAD/CAM skills. 

It has the characteristics of high intelligence, dense knowledge, fast updating speed, strong comprehensiveness and advanced benefit.

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