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The reason why the cavity of cosmetic plastic mold should not be too much is that it will affect the quotation of special cover mold.

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The reason why the cavity of cosmetic plastic mold should not be too much is that it will affect the quotation of special cover mold.

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At the initial stage of cosmetic plastic mold planning, in addition to routine calculation, it is necessary to take into account the following factors when determining the number of cavities: 

1. Defects that may occur in plastic parts. 

The increase in the number of cosmetic plastic mold cavities is bound to increase the shunt channel. Before the melt reaches the mold cavity, the injection pressure and melt heat will be greatly lost. If the shunt channel and gate scale planning is slightly unreasonable, there will be dissatisfaction in the upper cavity or several cavities, or even if it is full, there are some shortcomings, such as lack of welding or loose internal arrangements, if you increase the injection pressure of the cosmetic plastic mold, 

It is also easy to make other plastic parts fly, thus affecting the quotation and wholesale price of the special cover mold.



2. the scale accuracy of the product. 

Because of the professional injection cover mold manufacturing errors in the distribution of cosmetic plastic moulds and gates, it is difficult to get the injection process parameters of each cavity to the optimal value even if the shunt channel is arranged in a balanced way. thus it is not conducive to ensure that the shrinkage of the plastic parts of each cavity is uniform, and the interchangeability of the plastic parts with high precision requirements will be affected. 

3. The incidence of mold defects. 

The more the number of cosmetic plastic mold cavity, the higher the incidence of defects, and any cavity problems, it is necessary to repair immediately, otherwise it will do harm to the injection machine and mold, and frequent shutdown and repair will certainly affect productivity.



Therefore, in determining the number of cosmetic plastic mold cavities, it is necessary to take into account many economic and technical factors. Although there are detailed calculation formulas in the relevant literature, the calculation results should be corrected according to planning experience and actual conditions. In general, if the precision of plastic parts is very high, the number of mold cavities should not exceed 6 cavities, and it is necessary to choose the method of balanced arrangement of shunts. 

For the general requirements of plastic parts, it has been proposed that more than 16 cavities are unannounced. 

According to experience, even if each cavity product is the same, the scale is small, and the molding is easy, it is necessary to carefully consider if a mold is more than 32 cavities. 

In the injection mold with the largest number of cavities, in order to shorten the gap between the suona mouth of the injection machine and the cavity of the cosmetic plastic mold, and to improve the filling condition of the melt, the soil channel should be as short as possible. 

Shortening the mainstream can not only reduce the injection pressure and heat loss of cosmetic plastic mold, shorten the filling time and reduce the recycled material, but also reduce the exhaust burden of cosmetic plastic mold because of the reduction of air volume in the soil channel.

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