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Process Analysis of parts processing of Cosmetic PET injection Mould manufacturer

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Process Analysis of parts processing of Cosmetic PET injection Mould manufacturer

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The part drawing of cosmetic plastic mold is the most important raw material to draw up the processing technology. 

When drawing up the process, we must first analyze it carefully. 

In order to have a deeper understanding of the structural features of parts and the primary skill requirements, it is generally necessary to study the general assembly drawings, assembly drawings and inspection standards of cosmetic plastic moulds, to understand the functions of parts and the assembly contact of related parts from PET injection mold manufacturers, as well as the basis for drawing up the primary skill requirements. 


Structural analysis of parts. 

Because of the different requirements, cosmetic plastic mold parts have different shapes and scales. 

However, if you analyze it in terms of appearance, all kinds of parts are made up of some fundamental appearance and abnormal appearance. 

The basic appearance includes inner and outer cylinder appearance, cone appearance and plane, etc., while abnormal appearance mainly includes helicoid, involute tooth appearance and some other irregular surfaces.


When studying the structural characteristics of a specific part, it is first necessary to analyze what the appearance of the part is composed of, because the appearance shape is the fundamental element in the selection of processing methods. 

For example, the outer surface of the outer circle is generally machined by turning and grinding, while the cylindrical surface of the inner hole is mostly obtained by drilling, expanding, reaming, boring, grinding and electroetching; if it is right or wrong, the outer surface of the circle and the appearance of the non-circular inner hole are generally machined by milling, grinding and electroetching. 

In addition to the appearance shape, the appearance scale also has an important influence on the process. 

Taking the inner hole as an example, the large hole and the small hole, the deep hole and the shallow hole, the through hole and the blind hole all have different characteristics in technology. 

There are many ways to process large holes and shallow holes, but there are not many ways to process small holes. Drilling, EDM and WEDM are often used in the processing of small holes in cosmetic plastic moulds. 


Analysis of skill requirements of parts. 

The skill requirements for parts include the following aspects: 

(1) the scale accuracy of the primary machining appearance; 

(2) the shape accuracy of the main machining surface; 

(3) the mutual azimuth accuracy between the machined surfaces; 

(4) the roughness of the processing appearance of each cosmetic plastic mold, as well as other requirements of appearance quality; 

(5) Heat treatment requirements and other requirements. 

According to the characteristics of cosmetic plastic mold structure, high-precision PET injection mold begins to understand the processing technology of parts after carefully analyzing the skill requirements of the primary appearance of parts. 

First of all, according to the requirements of the accuracy and quality of the primary appearance of cosmetic plastic moulds, we can begin to confirm the processing methods needed to meet these requirements, and then confirm the corresponding intermediate and rough processing methods. 

High precision PET injection mould. 

For example, with regard to the IT7 precision inner hole with small aperture, after all, when the precision hinge is taken by the processing method, the precision reaming hole usually goes through drilling, reaming and coarse reaming hole processing before the precision reaming hole. 

Secondly, it is necessary to analyze the relative azimuth relationship between the machined surfaces, including the scale connection and the relative azimuth accuracy. 

By carefully analyzing the marking of the scale on the part drawing and the azimuth accuracy of the primary appearance, we can begin to confirm the processing sequence of each machining appearance. 

The heat treatment requirements of cosmetic plastic mold parts not only affect the selection of processing methods and processing allowance, but also have a great influence on the organization of parts processing process. 

For example, parts requiring Carburizing and quenching generally have larger deformation after heat treatment. 

With regard to the appearance with high precision on the parts, the finishing process (grinding or electroetching machining, and multi-WEDM for through holes) should be organized, and the machining margin of the finishing process should be increased appropriately. 

When studying the part drawings of cosmetic plastic moulds, if it is found that the views, scale marks, skill requirements on the cosmetic plastic mold drawings are wrong or missing, or the structure and technological property of the parts is not good, suggestions should be put forward. 

However, the modification must be approved by the planner, go through certain approval procedures, and should be improved and analyzed in consultation with the planner if necessary, so as to ensure that the parts can be manufactured more easily on the premise of ensuring the product quality.

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