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Engineering consultation

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Engineering consultation refers to the intellectual service of providing consulting activities for government departments, project owners and other types of clients on the basis of independent, scientific and fair criteria and the use of multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience in engineering technology, science and technology, economic management, laws and regulations, etc., for government departments, project owners and other types of clients. It includes consultation in the early stage of project establishment, consultation in the survey and design stage, consultation in the construction stage, and comments after it has been put into production or put into use. 

(1) Independence. 

Independence means that the engineering consulting unit should have an independent legal person status, practice independently without being disturbed by the preferences and purposes of clients and other aspects, and independently bear legal responsibility for the consultation effect of its own completion. The independence of engineering consulting units is the legal basis for them to engage in market intermediary services, a prerequisite for adhering to an objective and fair position, and an important factor to win social trust. 

(2) Science. 

Science means that the basis, method and process of engineering consultation should be scientific. 

The scientific nature of engineering consultation requires down-to-earth, understanding and reflecting the objective and real situation, comparing and selecting according to facts, reasoning, and not practicing fraud; it is required to conform to scientific operating procedures, consultation norms and codes of conduct, and does not violate objective laws; it requires the expression of the scientific concept of development and the use of scientific theories, methods, knowledge and technology, so that the effect of consultation can stand the test of time and history. 

The scientific degree of engineering consultation determines the level and quality of engineering consultation, and then determines whether the consultation effect is credible, reliable and available. 

(3) Fairness. 

Fairness refers to adhering to the criteria and holding a fair position in the engineering consulting operation. 

The fairness of engineering consultation is not reconciled or compromised without criteria, nor is it simply neutral on both sides of the opposing side. 

In the relationship among the owner, the consulting engineer and the contractor, the consulting engineer should take care of the consignor whether he serves the owner or the contractor, but this does not mean blindly following all the ideas and opinions of the consignor. 

When the ideas and opinions of the consignor are incorrect, the consulting engineer shall have the courage to put forward different opinions, or make a harmony or judgment within the scope of authorization to support the other party with the correct opinion. 

Especially for projects that do not conform to micro-planning and policies, we should have the courage to put forward and adhere to different opinions, assist the consignor to optimize the plan, and even make negative consultation conclusions. 

This is not only to the country, society and the people, but also to the trustee, because the blind development that does not meet the micro requirements, it is impossible to obtain lasting economic and social benefits, and may eventually become the historical burden of the consignor. 

Therefore, engineering consulting is a standard and policy-oriented operation, which should not only serve the consignor faithfully, but also not completely take the consignor's satisfaction as the only criterion to evaluate the quality of the operation. 

Engineering consulting units and their practitioners should follow professional ethics and should not lose their standards for their own interests.

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Foshan Shunde Zongsheng Precision Mould Co., Ltd. 

Tel: 0757 Tel: 22269630 / 13923298099 (Mr. Nie). 

Web site: www.fszongsheng.com. 

Add: no. 1, Rongye 6 road, Fengxiang industrial zone, Daliang, Shunde district, Foshan, Guangdong

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