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Service testing means that individuals who have received relevant exercises or guidance experience and evaluate any kind of customer service process as potential customers or real customers, and then reflect their consumption experience concretely and objectively in some way. 

Service testing and testing services are suitable for communications, property services, banks, specialty stores, chain restaurants, hotels, car 4S stores, specialty cabinets, chain stores, hotels, gas stations, transportation services, call centers and other work. 

The concept of service testing came from the United States, which was first used by McDonald's and KFC, the giants of the fast food industry, and spread the concept because these chain stores opened all over the world. Similarly, China has McDonald's and KFC. From this we know about service testing. 

The concept of service testing comes from business, but in fact, the concept has existed for a long time, and it is not a new thing. 

The ambition of our management is that "the leader is the same as not", but in fact this is simply impossible. 

In order to supervise the real situation in the absence of the leader, the ancients also had many ways, but in the final analysis, they were all "spies". 

If in a nutshell, service testing is also a kind of secret visit, which is a kind of secret visit conducted by non-managers, which is different from the legendary Kangxi micro-clothing private visit. 

I heard that Emperor Yang Guang of the Sui Dynasty often sneaked to Zhongshu Province to make a surprise attack to see the performance of the officials. The Ming Dynasty creatively set up "East Factory, West Factory and Jin Yiwei", and even what the minister ate in the evening was reported to the emperor. 


The on-site salesperson acts as a "product expert" to some extent. 

Therefore, the first point of the "service inspection" inquiry is to inquire about the "product common sense" of the sales staff on the spot. 

Of course, product common sense not only contains product technical parameters and basic functions, but more importantly, on-site sales personnel should be able to explain the benefits of product functions on the use of customers; the advantage compared with competitors in the primary selling point of the same product is also the main point of inquiry. 

Second. As customers of consumer durables are worried about after-sales service when buying products, the sales staff should have a certain understanding of the enterprise setting and after-sales service support. 

Service testing can have a good supervision effect on the sale and after-sales service of enterprises. 


In recent years, the work competition of consumer durables is out of order, which is mainly manifested in the serious price war and various forms of promotional activities in durable consumer goods. Therefore, the on-site sales staff should be able to clearly explain the promotional activities of enterprises and understand the market activities of competitors. 


The mood and appearance of the sales staff will also leave an image score for customers, which is also one of the contents of the inquiry. 

Of course, along with the service inspection and inquiry, we can also collect relevant store information, which is very helpful for enterprises to master the situation of retail stores. 

In order to make the "service inspection" inquiry really reach the effect of inspection and supervision, in the design of the project, we should pay attention to the planned replacement of interviewers so as to avoid being seen through by the on-site sales personnel; the arrival time of other services should be organized at both the peak time and the low peak time, so that the service status of the on-site sales personnel can be fully viewed.

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