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Enterprise name: Zongsheng Precision Mould Co., Ltd. 

Contact: Mr. Nie 13923298099 (Wechat same number). 

Miss Jia 15820657628 (Wechat same number). 

Tel: 0757 2226 9630. 

0757 color 22269276. 

Email: 261909968@qq.com. 


Fax: 0757 2226 9631 22269276. 

Web site: en.fszongsheng.com. 

Add: no. 1, Rongye 6 road, Fengxiang industrial zone, Daliang, Shunde district, Foshan city, Guangdong province

R & D and service

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1, contact Zongsheng and put forward the demand. 

      Professional bottle embryo design team to negotiate with you. Whether you have only one sample, one photo, or only one idea. Through our years of research on the plastic packaging industry, to provide you with reasonable and reliable suggestions. Finally, we will provide you with afinished mold to meet your needs.


定制厂家    定制需求厂家

2. Confirm the drawings. 

After the customer places the order, we will provide two-dimensional bottle embryo drawings and three-dimensional bottle shape for customer confirmation within 2 days.


3, design the mold structure after confirming the bottle embryo drawing, we will design the mold structure according to the bottle embryo.


4, precision manufacturing. 

      Adopt the most suitable mold material and the most advanced processing technology. The company has a large number of advanced CNC processing equipment such as Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and so on.

5. quality control. 

Quality inspection system is the most important link in the production process. 

In order to ensure the product quality, we use IQC,IPQC,FQC,OQC, layer by layer to strictly control the product quality. 

So that customers do not worry, rest assured. 

-IQC (raw material import QC). 

-IPQC (first inspection process QC). 

-FQC (final QC after part production). 

-OQC (pre-shipment QC)

6. Delivery on time. 

      Strictly follow the delivery time, arrange the mold processing schedule to ensure the smooth implementation of customer engineering projects.


7. After-sales service. 

      We promise to solve the problems encountered in the use of moulds as quickly as possible, and if necessary, we can rush to your factory to provide you with mold maintenance and technical guidance, trust us, so that you do not have to worry, let customer satisfaction, is the foundation of Zongyi.


Contact us

Foshan Shunde Zongsheng Precision Mould Co., Ltd. 

Tel: 0757 Tel: 22269630 / 13923298099 (Mr. Nie). 

Web site: www.fszongsheng.com. 

Add: no. 1, Rongye 6 road, Fengxiang industrial zone, Daliang, Shunde district, Foshan, Guangdong

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